I Love the Whiskey

T.T.T.O. Beggar Women (Moshe Yess)

Today, I needed something to eat
Pizza and fries, or maybe even meat
So I went to go shopping, but here comes the bad news
I saw a store open, the one that sold booze

I checked in my pocket, I had a bill or two
In my heart I was trying, to go and buy some food
But I wasted all my money, I could not walk away
Instead I drank a full bottle, and I started to sway

I love the whiskey, the vodka, and the wine
The beer, any alcohol, all of it is mine (I'll take them anytime)
Although I get sickly, and my eyes and head are drained
I'd drink a bottle or two, in the sunshine and the rain

I don’t know where I came from, don’t know where to go
The world it is spinning, what to do now I know
I fall on the floor, into a deep sleep
And I can thank G-d in Heaven, I only drink seven days a week

Written after Purim 5775

Night Activity Song - CGI Florida 5774

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T.T.T.O. Mevater - Marvelous Middos Machine #4

Sit tight in your chair, that moment is here
You cannot wait for what's coming tonight
But don't make Hachoo, or in front of you
They'll say "you gave us a shower, that just isn't right"

Now that may be true, what on earth did you do
But very soon you won't be Farshtunken
You won't understand, it's gonna get out of hand
And they'll say "we need a shower, please sneeze again"

Hachoo Hachoo Hachoo Tzigezuntzuntzunt
Get excited don't give me no Trerin
Be like no Ferd or a Vilde HoontHoontHoont
A little Yiddish come on Lumir Reden

Meshugeh wacky night activitytyty
With Shmoozel Leemanov we're gonna party
His middle name is ibivigidihivizichitiyi

Written for CGI Florida in YLC 5774 - for more from that summer visit NightActivity.blogspot.com


One Croc is American and one Croc is French.
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T.T.T.O. Here we go - Papa and the Prince - Shmuel Kunda

Frenchies go, step on your toe
As they're marching to and fro
You stop and say, qu'est-ce que tu fais [= what are you doing]
You just stepped on my toe

In Brunoy ghetto, you better go
And put a lock on all you know
Or else you'll be wondering where did my stuff go

Frenchies yelling, Frenchies crying
Frenchies smelling, Frenchies flying
When they fly happiness Americans will show

A Shabbos off’s a celebration
Frenchies finally take vacation
Now it’s time to be a part of Brunoy ghetto

For one hour, there’s a shower
And at night there is no power
Your bathroom’s light, is not so bright, it looks pretty sour

If to Seder you are late
Then at the door you’ll have to wait
That doesn’t mean you have to hate the Brunoy ghetto

Because there’s good food in your plate
Who cares if in the line you wait
While all the Frenchies that you hate casually skip you

If you get a calling card, to call home is still quite hard
Just ask to send some toilet paper if you can get through

Written in Brunoy 5771

Camp Mice

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T.T.T.O. The Coins Go Down, Down, Down - The Talking Coins - Shmuel Kunda

I would wake by clean up, up, up
And my campers would Drei me a Kup, Kup, Kup
How come you look so very sleepy
Did you dream about something creepy

It's clear to me, I'll make it clear to you
It's why our nosh had a small hole ripped right through
At night the mice they drove me crazy
They made me look by day so lazy

Searching with my flashlight a piece of junk
Trying not to wake someone in the bunk
My flashlight was not so bright, bright, bright
And the mice were out of sight, sight, sight

With a broom I'd chase the mice around
Hoping to hear that mouse trap snapping sound
Then my campers were wondering, ring, ring
Why their nosh was all missing, sing, sing

There were three mice in my drawer, drawer, drawer
I didn't want the bunk in an uproar
So I waited until it was lights out
Then I let the mice wander about

With a broom I'd chase the mice around
Hoping to hear that mouse trap snapping sound
Then my campers were wondering, ring, ring
Why their nosh was all missing, sing, sing

Written after CGI Montreal 5772

The Camp Newcomer

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Parody of it's the holiest place - Holding Hands United - CCH

Every corner I turn, a mosquito I find
My soap's in my suitcase, awaiting its time
The head counselor's coming, emotions run high
My mattress still smells to the sky

My friends they all mock me. I can't understand
Why did I Shlep to this muddy old land
Especially now when I have no money
I should have stayed with my mommy

I have the holiest socks, from all of my bunk-mates
The spiders all rest, under my mattress
Even when deodorant I finally put on
After one activity it's gone

The food here's so bad, I feel like I'm dying
The head counselor's so mean, I sit and start crying
I can't wait for visiting day to finally show
It's then I'll let my parents know

Written in Chayolei Hamelech 5771 and Oholei Torah 5772

Visiting day

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Parody of the next Friday night at home - Gan Israel

Visiting day comes to an end
Up to the staff lounge the staff all ascend
Hurt and upset some do seem
It’s quite an emotional scene

Chaim asks his counselor why
When you got tipped why did you cry
I don’t understand what I see
Five bucks is so much money

The next Friday night at the meal
Chaim asks what is the deal
The pickles and coke were just not there
And the counselors don’t care

A tear rolls down from his cheek
Why is my Mommy so cheap
I now understand why you have to tip well
In Gan Israel

Written by Reuven Deray, Shmoozel Leemanov, Avraham Mishulovin, and DZ in Gan Israel 5770


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T.T.T.O. Hentelach - Lipa

I’m standin’ here in line
Pizza I am buyin’
To skip people I’m tryin’
But they just send me flyin’

I’m waitin’ now and sighin’
I smell some pizza fryin’
Oy, but it’s not mine
I really feel like cryin’

I’m never gonna buy a slice from Kingston pizza
From the Kretchme I’ll be buyin’

Next Rebbetzin in line
Your pizza will take time
We’ll grind the kernels fine
You’ll have to wait till nine

Now it’s my turn in line
I look up at the sign
I tell you I’m not lyin’
The price is in Shomayim


(The Kretchme has no line
The food there is just fine
There I will be buyin’
Everyone to Kretchme!)

Written in Yeshiva Staten Island 5769

The Chorus of the song was used as the intro for the Night Activity song - CGI NY Summer 5777: