Visiting day

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Parody of the next Friday night at home - Gan Israel

Visiting day comes to an end
Up to the staff lounge the staff all ascend
Hurt and upset some do seem
It’s quite an emotional scene

Chaim asks his counselor why
When you got tipped why did you cry
I don’t understand what I see
Five bucks is so much money

The next Friday night at the meal
Chaim asks what is the deal
The pickles and coke were just not there
And the counselors don’t care

A tear rolls down from his cheek
Why is my Mommy so cheap
I now understand why you have to tip well
In Gan Israel

Written by Reuven Deray, Shmoozel Leemanov, Avraham Mishulovin, and DZ in Gan Israel 5770

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