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T.T.T.O. Hentelach - Lipa

I’m standin’ here in line
Pizza I am buyin’
To skip people I’m tryin’
But they just send me flyin’

I’m waitin’ now and sighin’
I smell some pizza fryin’
Oy, but it’s not mine
I really feel like cryin’

I’m never gonna buy a slice from Kingston pizza
From the Kretchme I’ll be buyin’

Next Rebbetzin in line
Your pizza will take time
We’ll grind the kernels fine
You’ll have to wait till nine

Now it’s my turn in line
I look up at the sign
I tell you I’m not lyin’
The price is in Shomayim


(The Kretchme has no line
The food there is just fine
There I will be buyin’
Everyone to Kretchme!)

Written in Yeshiva Staten Island 5769

The Chorus of the song was used as the intro for the Night Activity song - CGI NY Summer 5777:


  1. Kretchme a"h you mean don't you? That was my favorite place. I don't buy anything from CHK anymore since Osdoba began embezzling the funds and not turning them in to the Vaad Hakahal. His hashgacha is now untrustworthy.

    1. I wrote this song 7-8 years ago, when the Kretchme was still Chai Vekayam, but on the Shmoozel Card I gave out in camp I wrote "in loving memory" because it was after the Kretchme closed...