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Parody of it's the holiest place - Holding Hands United - CCH

Every corner I turn, a mosquito I find
My soap's in my suitcase, awaiting its time
The head counselor's coming, emotions run high
My mattress still smells to the sky

My friends they all mock me. I can't understand
Why did I Shlep to this muddy old land
Especially now when I have no money
I should have stayed with my mommy

I have the holiest socks, from all of my bunk-mates
The spiders all rest, under my mattress
Even when deodorant I finally put on
After one activity it's gone

The food here's so bad, I feel like I'm dying
The head counselor's so mean, I sit and start crying
I can't wait for visiting day to finally show
It's then I'll let my parents know

Written in Chayolei Hamelech 5771 and Oholei Torah 5772

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