I Love the Whiskey

T.T.T.O. Beggar Women (Moshe Yess)

Today, I needed something to eat
Pizza and fries, or maybe even meat
So I went to go shopping, but here comes the bad news
I saw a store open, the one that sold booze

I checked in my pocket, I had a bill or two
In my heart I was trying, to go and buy some food
But I wasted all my money, I could not walk away
Instead I drank a full bottle, and I started to sway

I love the whiskey, the vodka, and the wine
The beer, any alcohol, all of it is mine (I'll take them anytime)
Although I get sickly, and my eyes and head are drained
I'd drink a bottle or two, in the sunshine and the rain

I don’t know where I came from, don’t know where to go
The world it is spinning, what to do now I know
I fall on the floor, into a deep sleep
And I can thank G-d in Heaven, I only drink seven days a week

Written after Purim 5775

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