One Croc is American and one Croc is French.
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T.T.T.O. Here we go - Papa and the Prince - Shmuel Kunda

Frenchies go, step on your toe
As they're marching to and fro
You stop and say, qu'est-ce que tu fais [= what are you doing]
You just stepped on my toe

In Brunoy ghetto, you better go
And put a lock on all you know
Or else you'll be wondering where did my stuff go

Frenchies yelling, Frenchies crying
Frenchies smelling, Frenchies flying
When they fly happiness Americans will show

A Shabbos off’s a celebration
Frenchies finally take vacation
Now it’s time to be a part of Brunoy ghetto

For one hour, there’s a shower
And at night there is no power
Your bathroom’s light, is not so bright, it looks pretty sour

If to Seder you are late
Then at the door you’ll have to wait
That doesn’t mean you have to hate the Brunoy ghetto

Because there’s good food in your plate
Who cares if in the line you wait
While all the Frenchies that you hate casually skip you

If you get a calling card, to call home is still quite hard
Just ask to send some toilet paper if you can get through

Written in Brunoy 5771